NEET 2024 Entrance Exam Reference Books
Physics, Chemistry, Biology

NEET 2024 Entrance Exam Reference Books
Physics, Chemistry, Biology

NEET 2024 Entrance Exam Reference Books for Physics, Chemistry, Biology

NEET 2024 Reference Books

Since NEET is the ONLY country wide entrance examination to get admission in any Medical College in India, the kind of competition any aspirant is expected to face, is immense. As in case of any competitive exam, for cracking NEET also, following a consistent approach becomes inevitable.

Books are the starting point of preparation for any exam and selecting the right ones is daunting task, with so many NEET preparation books available in the market. The expert guidance in this respect is crucial. Here are some tips and suggestions about choosing right study material to help you focus on the correct books and get a head start with your preparation.

NCERT books – The most important part of NEET preparation

NEET exam consists of 180 MCQs in the subjects of Physics, chemistry and Biology, based on Std. XI & XII of NCERT syllabus. So, it is very important to be thorough with NCERT books. They form the foundation of the preparation by helping the aspirants to understand the basic concepts. These books start with very basic level, making it simple for students to grasp the complicated topics in an easy and systematic manner.

Also, in NEET exam paper, many questions are directly asked from NCERT textbooks or they are of the similar pattern. One can expect as many as 50% of the questions directly from NCERT text books. Therefore, basic rule to follow is - IT IS ESSENTIAL TO STUDY NCERT TEXTBOOKS THOROUGHLY BEFORE STARTING WITH OTHER STUDY MATERIAL.

Once you are done with NCERT books, one needs to focus on speed building and accuracy techniques to ensure that extra edge over others. Let’s have look at some other most recommended books:

NEET Physics 2024 Reference Books

  • Concepts of Physics- H. C. VERMA
  • Arihant Objective Physics for NEET

Concepts of Physics - H. C. Verma is the most sought-after book to have conceptual clarification and in-depth knowledge of basic concepts in physics. Every chapter includes multiple-choice questions, solutions, numerical problems, objective questions, short answers, and more. The material helps to quickly understand the simple and advanced concepts in NEET. NEET aspirants can skip questions based on extensive use of application of calculus.

NEET Chemistry 2024 Reference Books

  • Physical & Organic Chemistry: O. P. Tandon
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd

These books are best for learning basic concepts of chemistry and be thorough with conceptual aspects of it. The various illustrative problems are set up systematically and explained in a step by step fashion to make it easy to understand.

NEET Biology 2024 Reference Books

  • Truemans Elementary Biology for NEET
  • Master the NCERT Biology - I – Arihant
  • Master the NCERT Biology - II – Arihant
  • A to Z Biology for NEET

The ‘Truemans Elementary Biology’ books are recommended to all NEET aspirants as these books provide all the basic concepts in clear and precise manners and adopt an excellent approach to explain the key concepts of NEET Biology.

Mock Tests are critical for speed building and performance improvement

Solving previous years’ question papers is very important. It will help you have clear idea of average difficulty level of the exam, time management, your strengths and weakness.

Vidyalankar has Online test series for NEET, consisting of 10 mock papers patterned exactly on the lines of actual NEET exam. It provides students real time experience of actual exam and helps to tackle exam stress in a better way.

Finally, always remember that it is important to study and practise the books recommended by experts rather than wasting time in exploring many different books. Planning your time and efforts in right direction is of paramount importance, to crack any competitive examination.

All the best!!!

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