GATE Mock Test 2022
Mechanical, Civil, EEE , ECE, CSE, IN Engineering GATE Exam Online Mock Test Free for All

gate free mock test for all branches

GATE Mock Test 2022 Online for Free - Mechanical (ME), Electrical (EEE), Civil (CE), Electronics & Communication (ECE), Computer Science (CSE), Instrumentation (IN) GATE Exam Mock Test

GATE Mock Test 2022 Online for Free - Subject-wise List

Mock Test List which are freely available for students

GATE Mock Test Subjects
GATE Mock Test for ME [ Mechanical Engineering ]
GATE Mock Test for CE [ Civil Engineering ]
GATE Mock Test for CSE [ Computer IT Engineering ]
GATE Mock Test for EEE [ Electrical Engineering ]
GATE Mock Test for ECE [ Electronics Engineering ]
GATE Mock Test for IN [ Instrumentation Engineering ]

Free Online GATE Mock Tests
EC | EE | CS | ME |CE

Vidyalankar is making 5 GATE 2022 online Mock Tests available for free to all students from the EC, EE, CS, ME and CE streams. You can get access to these tests in three easy steps:

Steps to Access GATE Mock Test 2022

  1. Download our new Android app from Google Playstore GATE Exam Preparation - Vidyalankar Infinite. It will take only 2 mins.
  2. Sign up with your mobile number
  3. Select subject and start Free GATE Mock Test 2022 Online practise immediately

Features of our Free GATE Mock Test 2022

Test your GATE-21 preparation with Vidyalankars’ All India Level Mock test designed by previous GATE paper setters.

  1. Based on updated paper pattern with MSQs and revised syllabus
  2. User interface is similar to the actual GATE interface
  3. Get question wise analysis with metrics like time taken, accuracy etc.
  4. Practice using the actual GATE Virtual calculator
  5. Identify, learn & improve from your mistakes with comprehensive solutions

Benefits of our Free GATE Mock Test 2022

Mock tests play an important role in GATE preparation. Taking mock tests will help you boost your confidence.

Remember "mock" itself means "imitate"; so be sure to imitate actual GATE exam conditions while attempting mock tests. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of mock tests:

Tips and Guidelines by Experts to Attempt GATE Mock Test 2022

  • Attempt the Test without breaks
    • Attempt in 3 straight hours to build stamina.
    • Sit in a distraction-free environment.
  • Take in the same slot as GATE Exam
    • By taking mock tests in the same time slot as your GATE exam, your brain learns to perform at its peak during that time.
  • Do not skip General Aptitude
    • While General Aptitude has the most weightage, it requires the least time to prepare. So students should aim to score 15/15 in this section.
  • Familiarize yourself with the GATE calculator
    • The GATE Virtual Calculator functions a bit differently from the normal scientific calculator. Practicing the use of this calculator could help you save a lot of time in the final exam.
  • Analyze your mock test
    • Identify which subjects you need to work on.
    • Work on improving your accuracy and reducing your negative marks.
    • After analysing, revise, set your goal, and work on your mistakes after each test.

Consistency, practice, and revision, the three keys to succeeding GATE. All the best!

Some common FAQ's about GATE Mock Test

What is GATE mock test ?

Mock means imitate, so GATE Mock Tests are a replica of the actual GATE. Taking mock tests helps one to assess one’s preparation, make strategies, and improve final performance.

Why GATE mock tests are important ?

Mock tests play a very imperative role to score high in GATE. It makes one familiar with the paper pattern, helps to self-assess, make strategies, deal with the exam temperament, and score high. One should attempt at least 10 to 15 mock tests before the actual exam.

Where can I find the GATE 2022 mock test ?

Check out Vidyalankar’s All India level Test Series at GATE Mock Test 2022

When should i start giving mock test for gate ?

After completed preparing 70 to 80% of the syllabus, one should start taking mock tests. Try to schedule a mock test in December and January. Take a gap of at least 2 to 3 days between subsequent attempts to revise and work on your mistakes.

How many mock test are sufficient for GATE ?

Practicing 10 to 15 mock tests are sufficient to understand the level of preparation, deal with the exam temperament, and score high.

How can i improve my score in GATE mock test ?

Attempt a mock test, analyze performance, identify mistakes, revise topics, and re-attempt. Consistency, practice, and revision will help to increase scores in mock tests and the actual GATE exam as well.

How to get paid mock tests for GATE Exam 2022 ?

Check Vidyalankar’s all India level mock tests designed by past GATE paper setters, click GATE Mock Test 2022


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