7 Surprising Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack GATE Exam 2023

gate preparation tips

GATE Preparation Tips - GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is extremely popular amongst the engineering students because of the opportunities it brings to those who qualify it.

Whether you want to pursue M.E. / M.Tech. / Ph.D. from the top institutes in India or MS from a foreign country like Germany or Singapore qualifying gate will surely open many doors for you.

Preparation Tips and Strategy to Crack GATE Exam 2023

If you don’t want to lose the touch with your technical domain, so that you can work in a PSU (Public Sector Undertakings) or product-based companies then GATE is the exam you need to be preparing for.

Here are some mind blowing GATE preparation tips and strategy to crack GATE exam 2023 Easily

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Understand the paper pattern & syllabus

GATE exam is out of 100 Marks, and you need only 25 Marks to call yourself a GATE qualified engineer. How to reach this magical figure of 25? Read our blog about how to crack the GATE Exam

GATE is not a difficult exam it is different. GATE is a smart way of testing the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and sciences. It is a computer-based test, where questions asked are either Multiple choice question (MCQ) or Numerical answer type (NAT) questions.

Complaints of problems being “lengthy” are extremely rare but the MCQs do carry negative markings. Candidates need to answer 65 questions for 100 marks in the time duration of 3 hours.

Gate is an All India level competitive exam, which tests your engineering aptitude. Syllabus for GATE is 15% General Aptitude in which candidate’s verbal ability and numerical ability is tested. Another 15% goes into Engineering Mathematics.

Rest of the 70% is Technical Ability where they check the technical knowledge related to the paper chosen by the candidate.

Have a preparation strategy

You should be aware about the syllabus and know what are the subjects are and topics you need to prepare. Know the weightage of each subject based on previous years question papers and plan your preparation strategy accordingly.

These subjects will mostly be from your second year and third year of engineering. Thus, we can say that the you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, which will give you enough information to start allotting time for each subject.

It is recommended to start with easy and important subjects, subjects like engineering mathematics, general aptitude, and a basic technical subject. Also subjects which have had high weightage in previous years are extremely important.

GATE Exam Classes

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Study material and reference books

Having a good selection of study material is particularly important because in the first stage of preparation it is necessary for students to understand each and every concept to its depth. Also, it gives you a chance to get your doubts clarified by the professor.

Referring 1-2 books for every subject would be a good start. You can also get access to reference books from your college library. You will find study material online as well but referring notes from your college is great choice if you want to brush your basics of the concept.

Keep practicing and revising

Once you understand the concept it is very important for you to keep practicing and revising the topics regularly. You need to put at least 2 hours aside every day for your GATE preparations. Make revision notes for yourself, and make sure to include all definition & formulas in it.

It is not ideal just to make revision notes if you do not revise them regularly. Once you are done with one subject and you move on to next, do not forget to revise the first subject again with the second one.

You will need to practice at least 50-80 sums every day. This will keep you sharp and will increase your speed & accuracy.

Take tests everyday

Take as many topic-wise and subject-wise test as you can to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify your weaknesses and try to spend more time on practicing those topics. You should take 2-4 test regularly to recall concepts while you revise.

If you spend ample time on your preparation you will see an increase in your confidence every day. You must solve all previous years question papers. In GATE questions are never repeated but the concepts are, if you can master these concepts no one can stop from getting a good score. You will find many topic-wise and subject-wise tests online as well as offline.

GATE Exam Classes

Are you looking for Online GATE Coaching ?

Multiple mock tests

Try to complete your entire syllabus at least 2 months prior to your GATE exam because that will give you ample amount of time to take multiple mock tests. Having good technical knowledge is not enough because GATE is a time bound examination.

You will need to answer 65 questions in 3 hours, some of which will also have negative markings. Moreover, you need to be very precise and accurate, managing your time is also very crucial. Therefore, taking multiple mock tests will definitely improve your performance as the time goes.

It will show which type of questions are a cake walk for you and which ones give you a hard time. You will find many online mock tests for GATE but make sure the mock test you take based on the latest paper pattern.

Last minute tips

Do not try to learn any new topics in last few days just focus on revising the concept you already know. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and keep your sleeping cycle in check. Stay away from the negativity.

Never think that it is impossible for you to good in GATE. Stay positive and think about the bright future you’ll have when you get into one of your dream colleges and get the job the job in you always wanted.

As we all know, all work and no play made jack a dull boy. So make sure to include necessary breaks in your study schedule.

Make and follow a proper study schedule which balances your semester exam, GATE preparations & your extra-curricular activities. Keep practicing and revising. Be consistent with the effort you take for your preparation.

Take your tests daily and never shy away from the mock tests. If you do it all and keep a positive attitude nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams.

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