Online v/s Offline GATE Coaching

online vs offline gate coaching

Online v/s Offline GATE Coaching: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination conducted jointly by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Banglore and one of the seven old IITs on behalf of the National Coordination Board (NCB), Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI).

Online v/s Offline GATE Coaching

Having a good GATE score, opens door to many opportunities like higher education with financial assistance / stipend, jobs in public and private sector in the field of Engineering, Technology, Science and Architecture.

So there is a long time debate on whether one should go for online or offline coaching for GATE preparation. With lots of free as well as paid content available on the digital platform, students are really confused to choose the right medium of coaching.

However, it totally depends on one’s caliber to cope with the mode of coaching be it online or offline. Online lecture can be helpful for students who have developed brilliant basic technical concepts during their college semesters (can be both due to some awesome faculty or by their own effort) but on the other hand this mode of coaching might not be helpful for few students who needs close guidance and a good peer group to understand concepts and stay motivated.

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However, both online and offline coaching has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few comparisons between Online and Offline Coaching which should help one to select their mode of preparation.

Time saving

In online mode of coaching, one may save the time required to travel to the coaching centre. This time may vary from 1 to 3 hour depending on one’s place of residence. Travelling at times is tiring after long college or office hours.

So, online coaching might save the travel time and you can utilize the time to relax and prepare. However, this is not true for those few lucky students who might have a good coaching institute near-by their place of residence.


Unlike offline coaching which will have a fixed schedule and dedicated lecture timing, online lecture are more flexible. Even if you miss to attend the live lecture, you can attend the recorded session later at your convenience.

So, with the availability of various live lecture platforms, many students are now preferring online lecture rather than finding and travelling all the way to a coaching centre.


Online coaching can be cost effective while comparing with offline coaching. Since online coaching do not require huge infrastructure, maintenance and can reach a lot of students at a time, which means there are no limitation like batch strength, students location etc.

Coaching keeps you disciplined

Since in offline coaching, you will have a tight schedule every week, you’ll be doing at-least a minimum amount of work towards your GATE preparation each week no matter what. When you study by yourself, you might improve to a point and then plateau.

Experienced faculty are able to pin-point exactly what you need to do to break this score ceiling and help you improve. Remember a good peer group can be the best source of motivation which won’t be available in online coaching

GATE Exam Classes

Are you looking for Online GATE Coaching ?

Guidance apart from the syllabus

To score well in competitive exams like GATE one require certain guidance and tips and tricks, which might be missing in online mode of coaching with limited time and multiple students attending at the same time, one’s doubt may remain unsolved.

The advantage of a classroom coaching is here you also get an opportunity to get into the tutorial classes where the batch size is very small & this helps to interact with the faculty and resolve your doubt then and there. Your fellow batch-mate or friend can also be available for immediate discussion and doubt solving. To summarize, if you just qualify the GATE exam you may not get the best of opportunities, for which you will require a good score.

If you are really motivated and confident enough to self-prepare go for it, else offline mode of coaching are better for students who are aiming to score high, since they will get immediate guidance from experienced faculty who have been there and done that, stay focused by being with a peer with similar kind of goal and motivation and keep going.

Online vs Offline GATE Coaching

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