How to Score Under 100 Rank in GATE Exam 2022

18 Aug 2021
How to Score under 100 Rank in GATE

How to Score Under 100 Rank in GATE - So, to get a rank below 100, firstly avoid following mistakes, learn all the concepts from the core topics, solve past exam question papers and self-analyse yourself by taking mock tests, identify your mistakes and keep improving.

how to score under 100 rank in gate

How to Score Under 100 Rank in GATE

The most common mistakes that students generally do while preparing for GATE:

1. Lesser practice:

Solving as many questions as possible is the key to success. There is no limit to the number of questions that one should practice. When it comes to GATE question solving for practice, more is less.

2. Not revising:

Revising topic often is very important while preparing for GATE. Human brain tends to forget things if not revised on intervals.

3. Not solving past exam questions:

Although questions are not repeated in GATE but the concepts, topics or the pattern of questions are generally same. So solve at-least last 15 to 20 years past exam question papers.

4. Not taking Mock test:

Many students avoid taking mock test and this can be one of the biggest mistake if you are willing to score high and achieve something through the GATE.

5. Leaving Maths and General Aptitude (GA):

These 2 are the highest scoring subjects as far as GATE is concerned and can act as score booster. If possible, solve questions of Maths and GA daily and these 2 subjects will make huge difference in your final score.


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