How to Crack GATE Civil without Coaching in 2022

How to Crack GATE Civil without Coaching

How to Crack GATE Civil without Coaching - Its a good decision to start preparing for the GATE exam a 6 months in advance.. This will give you ample time to complete all subjects and also revise them at a later stage.

How to Crack GATE Civil without Coaching

Now let us look at the approx. weightage of subjects for civil engineering-

gate civil syllabus 2022

The most important subjects are- Structural, Environmental & Geotechnical engineering.. Your goal should be to start with either of these.

Go through reference books, study notes from any of the coaching class of your choice..

Practice questions and once the subject is completed, go for Subject level tests.. This will help you gauge your preparation of that subject and whether you need to rework on any chapter from this subject.. Repeat this process for all subjects.. Try your best to finish your portion by November..

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Don’t forget to study and focus on Engineering maths & GA too.. Very important for someone who wants to get that 80+ marks..

From December, start attempting 2 mock tests per week and analyse them.. See where you have gone wrong and how much time you spent on such questions.. To solve 65 questions in GATE, students need to give approx. 2.7 mins for each question.. You should target to achieve this number!

Parallelly, also start revision by end of December.. As everyone suggests, do make short notes and list of formulae you can use while revising..

Now there is a possibility that you may feel demotivated or may loose your focus as you still have a year for your exam.. So look for a mentor or a friend who can help you in your doubts and keep you motivated too..

We suggest students to join coaching for this reason and for targeted study approach.. But it is your decision at the end..

I am sure if you follow this process, you will succeed and get the best result from your preparation :) Wishing you the best!

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