Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes in GATE Exam Preparation

08 Jul 2021
Common Mistakes in GATE Preparation

Mistakes During GATE Exam Preparation - GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an all India prestigious examination. It tests a comprehensive understanding of engineering subjects. Every year more than ten lakhs of engineers apply for the examination but only a few of them taste success.

common mistakes in gate exam

Mistakes During GATE Exam Preparation

This is because of some common mistakes that are students make while preparing for the GATE examination. These small mistakes create a big difference and eventually it fails. However, avoiding such mistakes will increase the chances of success.

We have listed some of these mistakes down below:

  1. Improper analysis:
    Analysis is very important before you start something. Students start their preparation without even analyzing the syllabus. Identification of your strong and weak areas is very important before you start.
  2. Lack of consistency:
    When you are preparing for an all India examination you should be consistent. If you are not consistent then you will not be able to crack GATE. Preparing for three months and taking a gap for two months and then again starting preparation would be a very bad idea because if you take a gap of 2 months then you will have to start from zero again.
  3. Prioritizing subjects:
    It is very important to prioritize subjects. Starting with subjects which you are not good at would make you get demotivated and will consume more time. Always start with your favourite subjects so that you develop an interest at the very start.

    Also, GA and Maths should be at the top of your list because these two subjects will be score booster during the examination.
  4. Improper test:
    Many students keep on preparing regularly but they do not attempt the test. Topic-wise and subject wise test is very important in regular intervals, by this you can identify your level of preparation and will open up the scope on improvement.
  5. Insufficient numerical being solved:
    GATE is all about calculations and numerical. You should never run from the calculation and numerical problems. Solve as many numerical problems as you can because this will improve your problem-solving techniques and will increase your accuracy as well as your speed.
  6. Improper revision strategy:
    Students try to revise everything just before the examination. While it confuses, it may also make you forget important formulas and topics. Your focus during the last days should be on revising your favourite subjects which you are good at. Because these are the topics that will fetch marks for you in the examination.
  7. Insufficient full-length tests:
    Once your portion is over it is important to know your weak and strong areas, develop time management and accuracy skills. This can only be done by attempting as many FLT as you can.
  8. These are small mistakes that you can avoid during GATE Preparation. It is always good to learn from others and avoid repeating the same mistake as others did.

    Always remember, seeing What makes you fail in the GATE Exam will always result in success.


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