6 Proven Tricks to Avoid Distractions in GATE Exam

how to avoid distractions while preparing for gate exam

How to Avoid Distractions While Preparing for GATE Exam: Every year around 9 lakh students appear for GATE. GATE is one of the toughest examinations in the country which requires genuine efforts by the student. Due to the overwhelming syllabus students might find it difficult to concentrate.

With the changing times technology makes it extremely easy for us to get distracted and instead of sitting and studying for hours as we planned and update dreaming, watching videos, checking our social media or we might end up taking a nap. So, to avoid distractions while preparing for GATE, we need to understand; What are these distractions? How do we prevent them?

Most Common Distractions While Preparing for GATE Exam

Phones and Laptops

While phones and laptops play a vital role in our lives, they are also the most significant cause of our distraction and procrastination. Phone and laptops definition your best friends while you are preparing for your exams but if you get distracted once you may end up wasting 1-2 hours of your time without even realizing.

These hours which could have been beneficial to your preparation could be wasted playing games, watching movies, surfing the internet, checking social media, or doing online window shopping. Your phone and laptop will help you in clearing doubts and keep you updated on what's going on around in the world, will keep your books handy, and help you find motivation when you need it. It is on you how to make the best of it.

Friends and family

Examinations like GATE requires you to put in more than 4 hours every day for preparation. You might have to isolate yourself while you are studying because while the students appearing for the exam understand the intensity of it, their friends and family may find it difficult to understand.

Moreover, they can also act as a distraction by always calling you, messaging you, and gossiping around you. So, it would be best if you made sure that when you study to isolate yourself from your friends and family.

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Social media

I think we all can agree here when I say social media platforms today are the most significant source of destruction. You may see your friends going to a party, your cousins on a trip, and your colleague out on a shopping spree which may make you feel bad that you must sit and study preparing for your GATE.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. these social media platforms can be very distracting when you are trying to study; hence it is ideal for you to keep yourself away from such distractions.

Your health

If you are not eating enough or on time, then you might not be able to concentrate on your studies. The same goes about your sleep since most of the engineers study late at night they don't realize that they are giving up on their sleep.

You need to make sure that you sleep a minimum of around 7 hours a day. Otherwise, sleeping late and waking up early will surely make you sleepy throughout study time.

How to Avoid Distractions While Preparing for GATE Exam

Importance of GATE Preparation

Have you ever been distracted while watching your favourite team play or watching a movie on Netflix? No, right? That is because you know why you were watching it; you understand why it is essential for you.

Similarly, you need to understand why GATE is vital for you too. Once you know what you want out of this exam, your goal will be apparent to you, and preparing for it will be a cakewalk. So, jot down the points why you decided to prepare for GATE and what's your goal after GATE, and you will be good to go.

Avoid social media platforms

While you are preparing for your GATE exam, please make sure that you stay away or avoid social media platforms as much as you can. This will help you stay focused and not feel wrong about your friends going out for parties, cousins on the trips, and colleagues on the shopping spree.

Thus, keeping your concentration level high. At first, It might be challenging to stay away from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Still, once you see the progress in your preparation, you will realize the benefits of living without a social media profile.

Keep a planner

No matter what the situation is having a plan always works. Make a study plan before you start your preparation. So, you can have a preparation strategy and work accordingly without getting distracted on what to prepare? And went to prepare it? Divide your entire day, therefore right from waking up to getting back to sleep.

Include everything that you feel you need to do that day, week, or month. So, when you wake up the next day, you know exactly what you must do. When you have your schedule in place, it is easier to concentrate and be more productive.

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Use of phone and laptop

These days when everything you need for your preparation is available on the internet having a smartphone or a computer is definitely a blessing. Try to lock games, applications, movies, etc. while you are studying. In this scenario, you need to be responsible for your own choices. You can respect your usage of the internet else you might get distracted.

Take necessary breaks

While you do need to prepare with full concentration for GATE. It is also essential to take the required breaks; otherwise, you might not be able to focus. You can take a five minutes' walk every hour or so.

You need to also reward yourself with an episode of your favourite TV show or movie when you complete a topic or chapter. This will also help in increasing your productivity and freshen up your mood so you can study with full sincerity.

Stay motivated

Preparing for GATE can be a toll on you, so it is better if you stay happy during this phase of your life. It might be difficult staying motivated all the time, but if you believe in yourself, you will be able to crack the GATE with flying colours. You can also watch topper talks available on YouTube to motivate yourself and how to study effectively and stay away from distractions.

Just know nothing good in life comes easy. At the same time, it must be tough not to get distracted. But the hard work you put in for your preparation will show in your results.

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