13 Amazing Facts about the GATE Exam

facts about gate exam

Facts About GATE Exam - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an Exam that Primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate Subjects in engineering and Science. It is a national level test in India. GATE is an Intensive Exam and broadly classified under: Engineering mathematics – 15 marks, General Aptitude Question- 15 marks, Core Questions – 70 marks.

The objective of GATE exam is to get into IIT, NIT and many other reputed private and government colleges for a MTech, M.S or a dual degree MTech + PHD. Students willing to start their Career right after their graduation apply for GATE to get into PSU's like ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, BARC, SAIL, GAIL and many other.

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13 Facts About the GATE Exam

  1. You need only 25 marks to qualify for GATE:
    GATE exam is out of 100 Marks, and you need only 25 Marks to call yourself a GATE qualified engineer. How to reach this magical figure of 25? Read our blog about how to crack the GATE Exam
  2. No pointer requirement:
    There is no pointer requirement to appear for GATE. Often you see that students with top 100 GATE rank have average pointers.
  3. Top 50 AIRs do not have technical interviews:
    Yes, you read it right. Top 50 AIRs do not to give any technical interview to enter IITs. They get direct admission.
  4. Repetition of concepts:
    Similar questions rarely repeat in GATE exams, but the concepts repeat. If you study previous years properly, you can easily identify these concepts. We have identified similar concepts based on previous GATE papers. Please find the link according to your stream.
  5. Mathematics is the base of your GATE preparation:
    Engineering Mathematics is like the oxygen for GATE Students. 15% of marks in the GATE exams is from mathematics. Also, you will need basic knowledge of Math to solve numeric ability problems which appear for another 5-10 marks. Thus, ignoring Mathematics would be dangerous since it accounts for 20% of your GATE preparation.
  6. Selection rate of only 15%:
    Around 6-7 Lakhs students appear for GATE every year. Only 15% of those students crack GATE i.e. score above 25 Marks.
  7. GATE is an online exam:
    In 2012, CS branch was the first to have an online exam for GATE. Over the years, other streams have adopted the same. Today, GATE is purely an Online Exam.
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  9. No one has ever scored a complete 100 in GATE:
    The highest anyone has ever scored is 98.33 from ME in 2015.
  10. Students are not allowed to use physical calculators:
    Virtual calculators are available on the computers while giving GATE. Below is the picture of an official GATE.
  11. GATE also allows you to pursue master’s from abroad:
    Universities like National university of Singapore, Nangyang Technological university and University of Munich which rank in the top 100 globally also accept GATE score.
  12. Minimum 2x higher average salary:
    The average salary of an MTech student is at least twice that much of the average BTech Graduate. MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Siemens, TATA, Samsung, LG etc. are some of the companies who recruit from the top IITs,IISc,NITs.
  13. Admission to top ranked colleges in India with starting salaries of Rs. 20 lakhs:
    National Institute of Industrial Engineering, NITIE-Mumbai, provides various inter disciplinary programs. The average starting of Rs. 20 lakhs !
  14. Preparation of GATE also helps you to prepare parallelly for IES:
    Syllabus for both the exams have great similarities so if you would like to work in public sector, you can give IES along with GATE.

These were some interesting facts about the GATE Exam and opportunities via the GATE Exam.

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facts about gate exam

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