How many times can one appear for GATE ?

There is no bar on the number of attempts for GATE. A candidate can take GATE as many number of times and at any age one desires.

If GATE is given more than once which score will be considered ?

If the Exam is given more than Once then the student has the liberty to present the best of the scores but it has to be a valid score.

What is the basic difference between M.Tech. & M.E. ?

In the courses of M.Tech. the emphasis is given on the practical implementation of the concepts, the lab sessions in the curriculum are more than the theory sessions. The student does get actual hands on experience and hence can Understand the concepts well in depth. M.E. is more Or less an extension of B.E.There is no significant difference in the teaching methodology between B.E. and M.E.

Is job experience required prior to M. Tech. admission ?

No. It is better that the courses like M.E., M.Tech. and M.S. are undertaken when the student is in continuation with the studies.

What percentiles are required to get in the institutes like IITs and IISc ?

Normally 97 plus percentile or Rank up to 500 in GATE are required for students to get into top institutes. However, IITs are flexible and besides the scores even the technical interviews can make a difference to the selection of a candidate into the IITs or ISC.

What is the admission procedure after the results ?

The institutes like IITs and IISc. do not follow a centralized procedure for admissions. A candidate has to take the application form from the individual institutes and submit them. The selected candidates will be called for an interview of the respective institutes and then the meritorious candidates will be allotted the seat.

What is the difference between the jobs offered to an M.E. / M.Tech. than B.E. ?

At B.E. level the job offered is of a trainee engineer but after completing the courses like M.Tech. the candidate will be appointed at a much higher position like e.g. Planning, Research or Development Socially considered to be a very high profile job giving higher economic returns.

What are the financial support Opportunities either while doing M. E. Or M.Tech. ?

Having secured admission into government approved institutes the candidate is now eligible for the Teaching or Research.Assistantship which is approximately about Rs.12,400 per month respectively.

How should one study to crack GATE ?

GATE needs clear Understanding of the fundamentals. So a student should study from the view of Understanding the concepts. The student should read reference books and try to study in a group. However besides Understanding the concepts, speed and accuracy is required to take GATE. As for a given question there are only about 3 minutes allotted and this can be achieved by taking many tests.

When should one start preparing for GATE ?

It is preferred that during the final year, a candidate focuses on the Project Work either in College or Industry which helps One to develop certain other skills which are required in the Industry. By the 6″semester, approximately 85% of GATE syllabus is covered through the University syllabus. Hence One should start the preparation for GATE in Pre final year. It also benefits the “Technical Interviews” during the recruitment.

What is the key to success ?

Smart sincere strategic hardwork is absolutely essential.

Why PSU’s also should be considered as a Career option ?

There are many benefits of working in a Public Sector Undertaking. Some of them are listed below :-
  • Better & Clear Career Path
  • Intrinsic Reward Programme
  • Job Rotation & Enrichment
  • Training & Development
  • Opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives

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