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Mumbai Offers Career Options Across Sectors for Engineering Graduates

Career Oportunity for Engg
mumbai offers career options all sectors engg graduates

The commercial capital of India has wide scope for jobs related to that specific field, technical aspects, and even in the management cadre

There is a piece of advice given to students when they receive the Class XII exam results: First put in hard work to learn and after that, even more in order to earn. While one cannot deny the sound nature of the advice provided, the reality is that things aren’t always that simple. One has to first know where to put in the efforts.

Course decisions taken at this stage are extremely important as the right choice, like engineering for instance, in the right city, can open the doors to exciting and financially rewarding careers.

This is especially true for those pursuing the course in Mumbai, as the commercial capital of India is the most preferred among all major Indian metros where this aspect is concerned.

One of the main reasons why the city tops the list is because it has a wide scope for jobs related to the engineering field, technical aspects, and even in the management cadre. Industry-academia interaction plays a key role in making the students more career-ready.

Mumbai is among the three leading cities of India when it comes to offering the best employment opportunities. While software engineers have one of the highest-paying jobs in India, the hardware, networking, and IT industries offer the best job packages in the country.

Therefore, obviously, sensible students and astute parents should opt for a course like engineering. Considered to be an ideal career-linked course option, it has been the first preference for science students for several decades.

In fact, engineering continues to be extremely relevant even today as it has been regularly creating the most employable talent over the past several years as per recent AICTE surveys. Pursuing the engineering course is all the more advisable in a city like Mumbai.

Companies from myriad sectors have established a strong presence here, creating greater career opportunities for engineering graduates. They are expected to keep driving the demand for jobs going forward as well because they have witnessed sustained growth here over an extended period of time.

Renowned as India's economic powerhouse, Mumbai not only contributes the highest GDP of $209 billion but is also responsible for 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade in India, and 70% of capital transactions to the nation's economy.

The financial capital of India, Mumbai is also among the top 10 wealthiest cities in India. Popularly known as the ‘City Of Dreams’, Mumbai features in the top 5 cities to do business in India.

Reflecting this is the real estate demand and supply trends witnessed here in the recent past. According to the India Office, Market View reports issued by CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd, IT developments in Navi Mumbai and Western Suburbs have dominated leasing activity.

Supply addition was seen in the form of a medium-sized SEZ and a small-sized non-IT development in Navi Mumbai, a large-sized IT development in Western Suburbs, and three small- to medium-sized IT developments in Thane.

Leasing activity was expected to sustain, backed by demand from tech firms, BFSI companies, engineering, and manufacturing conglomerates.

This obviously sets the stage for good prospects when one has passed the course. B. E. students from colleges affiliated with Mumbai University are being recruited across branches by discerning employers.

Even IT companies recruit engineers from all branches, be it Computers / IT / Electronics / Electronics and Telecommunication / Bio-Medical / Mechanical / Civil because they have projects in that sector.

Prof D N Krishna, Training and Placement officer, Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Wadala, confirms this trend. “We have been observing over the years that all IT companies have been consistently visiting the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology for campus placements recruitment.

Top recruiters at our campus include TCS, LT Infotech, Capgemini, Media .net, Interactive Brokers, Zeus Learning, Reliance JIO- Retail, Godrej, Oracle, Amazon, Works Application, Just Dial, Uniqlo, Infosys, Bjyu's, Seclore Technologies, Carwale and Jaro Education with the highest salary offered to be Rs. 37.5 lakh.

Our engineering placement statistics range between 70-80% and this applies to Vidyalankar Institute of Technology students across branches, be it Computer Engineering (CMPN), Information Technology (INFT), Electronics Engineering (ETRX), or Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (EXTC),” he emphasizes.

Similarly, most companies have their corporate headquarters in Mumbai and that opens up multiple opportunities for engineering students as they are given preference in the management cadre as well.

Basically, engineers use their skills and knowledge in a specific field to make things work, solve problems, and improve the world around us. This makes them ideal for vacancies in the management sphere also. A large number of engineers do pursue a management education thereafter and certain institutes offer a combined course now as well.

With India now on the path to accomplishing ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, Mumbai is expected to be one of the key cities where engineers will have far greater opportunities going forward. Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked that the definition of self-reliance has undergone a change in the globalized world and clarified that when the country talks about self-reliance, it is different from being self-centered.

He said that India’s culture considers the world as one family, and progress in India is part of, and also contributes to, progress in the whole world. Atmanirbhar Bharat means India won’t need to import, for which, it will constantly develop resources domestically.

tmanirbhar means we become the biggest exporters of the commodities that we now import.

Infrastructure development is another key aspect that is being given priority so again, the demand for good engineers in a city like Mumbai with so many metro projects, mega-development initiatives such as the Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link (MTHL), for instance, can only grow further!

Mumbai is all set to revive and begin scripting a new success story once the prevailing COVID-19 scenario comes under control. Students who start pursuing the B.E. course from any College in Mumbai University this year will have extremely bright career prospects when they graduate three years later!

career oportunity for engg

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