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Option For The Healthcare Engineering Course To Add Value To Your CV

Healthcare Engg Course

GE selecting a Mumbai University affiliated college to set up a Bio-Medical Engineering Centre of Excellence reflects the scope for careers in this sphere and the city

Identifying an education course to be taken up post Class XII is just as important as planning the institute building where the learning will be imparted. If you want to create a high rise structure, the foundation clearly needs to be much deeper and stronger than that of a low rise building.

healthcare engineering course options add value to your cv

Similarly, if you are envisaging a career with great growth potential instead of mediocre, the key to realizing that lies in the chosen field of graduation as well as the city where you pursue it.

This is one aspect of life where putting in more efforts at the initial stage yields huge dividends going forward. Therefore, the key to success is never ever taking this once-in-a-lifetime decision casually.

In the prevailing scenario, education and career decisions also need to be taken keeping in mind how COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it.

One thing is certain; the ‘new normal’ will continue to influence the way we live even after a vaccine is approved and administered, so this aspect has to be taken into consideration by students and their parents.

Going forward, the healthcare industry is expected to be spearheading India’s economic growth story and courses pertaining to related careers will definitely offer great prospects. A healthcare engineering course for instance would add value to your CV and open doors to a plethora of opportunities after graduation.

The inherent value in this sphere and Mumbai being an ideal location for it becomes evident from the fact that global giant GE selected a Mumbai University affiliated college - Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT) - to set up a Bio-Medical Engineering Centre of Excellence in India’s financial and commercial capital.

GE has pioneered technologies that have spurred world-transforming changes and improved the lives of billions. A shining example of this is the Biomedical Engineering department at VIT, which in collaboration with GE Healthcare, USA, has formed a Health Care Institute (HCI).

Named the GE Healthcare-VIT Centre for Academic Excellence, the HCI primarily focuses on providing education and training to students on the latest technology medical equipment and to enhance their existing technical skillsets including leadership skills.

Now just think for a moment how strong a foundation this institute and course provided in this city can create for an engineering aspirant. Student placements in the VIT Biomedical Engineering Department are focused on companies dealing in the manufacture, sales, and marketing of medical devices and providing technical support to customers.

A good number of students are also getting placed in corporate hospitals, IT/ITES companies, and education management firms. MoUs with companies like Smartwayz, Campus Credentials, and Aspiring Minds facilitate the process and ensure that VIT students are healthcare industry-ready when it is time for placements.

The noteworthy achievements of the VIT Biomedical Engineering students and staff are reflected in the way they have won many awards for academic excellence and for development work. Some faculties have been honored with national and international recognition for their contribution in the field.

During the last decade, the Biomedical Engineering Department at VIT has produced technocrats, leaders, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and managers who collectively have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

VIT alumni are working with market leaders in the field of healthcare and many of them had upgraded themselves with master’s degrees (M S/M.Tech /MBA) and Ph.D. from globally reputed institutes.

This and a close association with the Institutes Entrepreneurship cell results in many VIT students getting inspired to initiate their own startups in various fields of biomedical engineering such as equipment used during medical emergencies (critical), overall medical diagnosis, and healthcare.

The fact that all this is happening at a college based in Mumbai, a city where career opportunities flourish to the maximum extent and entrepreneurship gets nurtured gives VIT students an enviable edge over their peers in other cities.

As the city continues to unlock and each facet of life resumes, it is the Biomedical Engineering graduates from VIT who will lead the way in making Mumbai the epicenter of India’s growth story once again.

healthcare engg course

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