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B.E. Course In Mumbai University Affiliated Colleges Ensures Crucial Family Nurturing Benefits

MU Affiliated Colleges Benefits
mu affiliated colleges benefits

Constant parental support and care are the biggest advantages available to students pursuing the much preferred engineering course in Mumbai itself. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence: This oft repeated proverb is used to convey that the things other people have or their situations always look better than your own, even when they are not really so.

mu affiliated college benefit

If you are wondering about its relevance in an article on engineering education (favoured by parents and students alike because it continues to create the most employable talent as per AICTE Surveys), read on to be enlightened.

University of Mumbai

mumbai university

The University of Mumbai, established in 1857 is one amongst the first three Universities in India. With the combination of over 16 decades comprehensive experience and a dynamic, modern approach towards imparting education, the University of Mumbai and colleges affiliated to it offering B.E. courses are more than ideal institutions for engineering aspirants aiming to successfully fulfil their academic endeavours.

Despite this, some misguided or misinformed students are not only being lured by the unconfirmed yet tantalizing inducements offered by certain engineering institutions in other parts of the country but they are also trying to persuade their parents that it would be a ‘better’ choice for studies.

As anyone who has purchased a house will readily affirm, there can be a huge difference between what is indicated ‘for representational purposes’ in a brochure and what is actually provided. Unfortunately, the same applies to education as well and give their limited understanding of how the world works, it is easy to understand why students can get carried away by fancy jargon and photoshopped images. This is why parents need to focus on what really matters and take an informed decision as mature adults.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), University of Mumbai and the colleges affiliated to it offering B.E. courses provide a combination of benefits that colleges in other cities simply cannot.

Most importantly, a MMR resident attending the B.E. course at a college affiliated to the University of Mumbai will continue to stay at home with family, which ensures much-needed parental support and care during a stage that requires the student to completely concentrate on studies.

mumbai university

Vishwas Deshpande, Managing Trustee, Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, points out,

“We have observed that students pursuing the engineering course in a new city find it difficult to adjust to hostel life and the absence of parents, the comfort level that being in your own house surrounded by family members provides. This can lead to severe depression, affecting the ability to focus on studies and eventually, their self-confidence and morale as well.

Like the character nicknamed ‘Acid’ in the Bollywood movie ‘Chichore’, such students are constantly pulled up by professors for their inadequate results in the examinations conducted. As the months pass they are filled with bitterness at the thought of how their academic performance has suddenly plummeted after being such a promising student scoring high marks till Class XII and at the entrance exams.”

“In comparison, students pursuing the B.E. course at a college affiliated to the University of Mumbai like Vidyalankar Instutute of Technology, are much more emotionally stable and able to achieve their academic goals. From consuming nutritious, home-cooked healthy food to sleeping in the comfort of their own familiar bed, being able to discuss difficulties and receiving sound advice (as well as the occasional hug or ‘jaadu to jhappi’), these students have the best of both worlds.

Above all, these four years of graduation are the most critical in terms of a students’ overall development as they will be spending time in the company of those who will be a good or bad influence. The good or bad habits they develop get formed during these years and can last a lifetime. Being at home with family certainly helps reinforce positive values and behavior, setting the right foundation for a better future,” he emphasises.

This approach assumes even greater significance in light of the COVID-19 crisis being faced across the globe. While nobody had ever thought we would come across such situation of pandemic and the lockdown was quite unexpected, students at engineering colleges affiliated to Mumbai University are better off as they are safe at home and the family is together.

Given the experience of the past lockdowns, parents would definitely want to have their child studying in engineering colleges affiliated to Mumbai University rather than any other private engineering college in another state.

Moreover, all engineering colleges under the aegis of University of Mumbai meet AICTE standards. This ensures parameters like infrastructure, curriculum, faculty and the teaching methodology are all of a high level. Campus placements and starting salaries are factors that make it a win-win scenario in every way.

The University of Mumbai offers B.E. students an ideal blend of experience and innovation. One of the oldest and premier Universities in India with a 160-year legacy, it aims to generate skilled manpower with the introduction of modules in Emerging Areas for engineering students.

Plus, it is setting up an Advisory Council to be headed by industrialist Ratan Tata, former Chairman of India’s biggest IT Company TCS, which means that professional courses like Engineering will be made even more industry relevant going forward. Why look beyond borders in that case?

mu affiliated colleges benefits

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