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AICTE Survey names B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) most employable degree

Bachlor of Engineering

The tried and tested Bachelor of Engineering course under the aegis of University of Mumbai remains an all-important steppingstone to a successful career.

When it comes to choosing the right academic course for taking your child towards a successful career, whom can you trust? Would you gamble on the hollow words of doomsayers determined to confuse parents and students alike? Would you believe the ‘True Lies’ that appear in carefully planned online and print media headlines? Or would you instead, follow the tried and tested path, placing your faith in verified facts and expert advice from those having decades of experience?

aicte survey names be most employable degree

Let’s contemplate this scenario taking engineering, which has always been a preferred ‘traditional’ career and the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) course, which as per AICTE Surveys creates the most employable talent even currently, as a case in point. From 51.7% in 2014 to a steady, sustained rise at 57.09% in 2019, the employability of a B.E. degree has continued to be much far greater than that of other courses.

Adherence to AICTE norms ensures that all colleges under the aegis of University of Mumbai offering the Bachelor of Engineering course meet the specified standards, so the quality of education is a given. Moreover, the career opportunities available on completion of the course are quite noteworthy as well with enviable starting salaries. And more so in a city like Mumbai which is an established Mecca for both, education and careers.

For instance, Abdullah Khan, a Mumbai University B.E. student was hired by Google at Rs 1.2 crore per year after the company spotted him on a website that hosts online programming challenges. Last year four B.E. students from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT), Wadala, were placed with a Japanese firm, which offered them a Rs. 35 lakh pay package! In fact, most VIT students have been placements with prestigious brands like TCS Digital, TCS Ninja, L&T Infotech, General Electric, Ugam Solutions, Axis Bank, NUCsoft, Zeus Learning, Capgemini, Reliance Retail, Reliance Jio, Wipro and Atos Syntel.

Despite all this, some ill-informed parents are seen to be hesitant, taken in by myths propagated through selectively crafted headlines that imply reduced takers for engineering courses due to lack of employment options after graduating.

This is why parents need to refocus on the ground realities instead of being swept away by unsubstantiated rumours spread due to vested interests. The fact is that in the current scenario, engineers can work in exciting industries including IT (AI/Data Science), Electronics (IoT, Machine Learning), healthcare, automobiles, construction, transport, cosmetics, medicine, food, fashion and much more. There are multiple opportunities in the private sector as well as public sector undertakings.

The bottom line is that engineers are required in all industries. There are jobs available for all engineering graduates (across streams) in a very wide range of areas and roles at all levels. B.E. graduates can also progress to management and research. Many engineers also opt for a management degree after completing the B.E. course. There have been instances where the first year MBA class in a B School has more engineers than commerce graduates.

Engineering aspirants do need to be good at mathematics and sciences, physics, as it is applied to several different engineering issues. If your child has the right attitude and aptitude, engineering can truly be an all-important steppingstone to a successful career!

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