MHT-CET Preparation Tips 2024
Preparation Tips for MHT-CET Engineering Exam 2024

MHT-CET Preparation Tips 2024
Preparation Tips for MHT-CET Engineering Exam 2024

CET Preparation Tips 2024 - Check Preparation Tips for MHT-CET Engineering Exam 2024. Know how to prepare for CET Exam 2024, Know How to Crack CET Easily

MHT-CET Preparation Tips 2024

All Government and private Engineering colleges (autonomous, aided and unaided) located in Maharashtra give admission for their B.E. courses on the basis of MHT-CET score. MHT-CET i.e. Maharashtra Health & Technical – Common Entrance Test is conducted by Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra. Top engineering colleges like MIT, VJTI and COEP give admissions purely on the basis of MHT-CET.

Any student who is an Indian National and has appeared for his Std. XII / HSC exam, is eligible to appear for MHT-CET. There is no requirement of certain cut off marks to pass MHT-CET.

Any non-zero score will make you eligible to get the rank. But if you want to get into a good engineering college, you definitely need to score good. Going by the data of past 3-4 years results, score of 150+ should be safe score to get admission in top Engineering colleges in Maharashtra.

MHT-CET Preparation Strategy

General Guidelines:

Entrance exams are very different from Board exams. These are slightly tougher and trickier exams and require speed and accuracy rather than your presentation and mug up skills. Hence its preparation needs more time and different approach.

So whenever one starts preparing for competitive exam, first thing he/ she needs is self-motivation and patience. Before starting your preparation get a good idea of the syllabus of that exam, and start your preparation topic wise.

Whenever you start a topic, first read theory thoroughly, then have a look at some of the solved examples to understand the application of concepts, then attempt some formula-based questions and finally go for trickier numericals.

To guide you in a right direction and to imbibe the spirit of competitiveness in you, expert coaching along with good study material is very essential.

Basics to Remember:

MHT-CET exam syllabus gives 20% weightage to Std. XI and 80% weightage to Std. XII syllabus of HSC board. Since MHT-CET is based on combination of Std. XI & XII HSC syllabus, students don’t need to study separately for this exam.

But there is difference in the nature of these two exams i.e. while Std. 11 and 12 are descriptive type of exams, giving more importance to writing and presentation skills of the candidates; MHT-CET is objective type of exam emphasising on conceptual learning.

Therefore, your preparation strategy will also be different for both the exams. Since there is Std. XI syllabus as well, it is always advisable to start preparation right from Std. XI. This will ensure syllabus completion on time and ample time for revision and mock tests practice.

So, if you start understanding basic concepts and their application instead of mugging everything, cracking MHT-CET is not really tough. With the help of good and experienced teacher to guide you, it is easy to score good in MHT-CET.

It has been observed that MHT-CET is becoming tougher and tougher with each passing year. In 2019, approximately only 10 to 15 students scored 190+ marks in MHT-CET. Our MHT-CET 2019 topper - Ankit Jaiswal, who scored 193 marks (as per official answer key) used to study around 10 to 12 hours a day including 4 to 5 hours of coaching.

Important Books for MHT-CET Preparation:

Since, MHT-CET is based on combination of Std. XI & XII HSC syllabus, it is immensely important that you have thoroughly studied your State board text books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. But to get that extra edge over others, it is highly recommended to go through NCERT books completely.

You should refer question bank and test series of a good coaching Institute after completion of your syllabus. Vidyalankar has Online test series for MHT-CET which can give you a real time exam experience. Along with that, solving at least 10 previous JEE papers is must to understand speed and depth required to solve MHT-CET paper.

Important Topics:

Physics MHT-CET Preparation Tips

To solve numericals fast, your concepts needs to be crystal clear. So, whenever you start a topic, first read theory thoroughly, then have a look at some of the solved examples to understand the application of concepts, then attempt some formula-based questions and finally go for trickier numericals. One month before the exam, solve as many mock tests as possible to improve your speed and accuracy in solving numericals.

Imp. chapters from XI: Force, Friction in Solids and Liquids, Scalars and Vectors, Ray Optics, Refraction of Light, Magnetic Effect of Electric Current, Magnetism

Imp. topics from XII: Optics, Waves and sound, Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics, Rotational motion, Electrostatics, Current Electricity

Chemistry MHT-CET Preparation Tips

In Chemistry, you must understand that the different parts of chemistry have a slightly different approach which is to be followed. Don’t ever try to remember any reaction; that is not a good practice. Try to understand complete mechanism behind each and every reaction. It is very important to completely understand mechanism of reactions. Make a regular habit of practising the chemical reactions and its mechanism. Learning, practising and writing is the best way of studying Chemistry.

Imp. chapters from XI: States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Surface Chemistry, Redox Reactions, Nature of Chemical Bond, Hydrogen, Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, Alkanes

Imp. topics from XII: P-Block elements, Biomolecules and Polymers, D and F block elements, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, some basic concepts of Chemistry Mole concept, Electrochemistry

Mathematics MHT-CET Preparation Tips

To strengthen Maths section, you should ensure that you have memorised all important formulae and properties and have left no topic as an option.

  • MHT-CET Maths syllabus comprises of 80% Std. XII syllabus and 20% of Std XI syllabus. So your main focus should be on Std. XII topics like Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus etc.
  • In MHT-CET, you get 90 minutes to attempt 50 Maths questions, so speed and accuracy has to be very high. For that, giving more and more mock tests and analysing your mistakes from those tests is very important.
  • During the exam, don’t get stuck on a single question for too long. First attempt those questions which are direct, formula based and easy.
  • Since there is no negative marking in MHT-CET, make an educated guess for even those questions which you couldn’t solve.

Imp. chapters from XI: Trignometric Identities, Straight Lines, Circle and conics, Sets, Relations and Functions, Sequences and Series, Probability

Imp. topics from XII: Three-Dimensional Geometrical system, Probability, Point and straight line, Vector, Mathematical reasoning, Indefinite Integration, Differential Equation, Application of Derivatives

Competitive exams like MHT-CET, play a very crucial part in your educational career as these exams decide which engineering college will you get. So, study with lot of determination and sincerity for it. Since, lakhs of students appear for these exams, you should not worry about what others are doing as you don’t even know your competitors. So, compete with yourself and just try to improve your performance.

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