Free Online MHT-CET Mock Test 2024
Maths, Biology, Physics Chapterwise CET Test Series (Practice Papers)

MHT-CET Mock Test 2024
Maths, Biology, Physics Chapterwise CET Test Series

Free Online MHT-CET Mock Test 2024 - Maths, Biology, Physics Chapterwise CET Test Series (Practice Papers)

Why to give MHT-CET Mock Tests?

To crack a competitive exam like MHT-CET, one has to be extremely focused and dedicated as the only path to success is continuous effort. One must keep trying and trying till he/ she gets the success that he/ she wants. Practice is the way to perfection and that is the reason why giving sufficient number of Mock Tests is so crucial.

When you are preparing for exams like MHT-CET, studying just from books is not enough. Solving practice papers and mock tests are equally important. Books comprise of particular chapters as well as questions from them whereas, mock tests are compiled by experienced faculty along with inputs by toppers. Mock tests are practice tests with the same pattern as that of real test but taken before the real exam. Lets see why it is so important for any aspirant to appear for mock test.

Why appear for Mock tests?

  • To gauge where you stand, what will be the difficulty level of actual exam, the topics expected to be asked as well as to get a complete simulated environment.
  • To have a fair understanding of the question paper pattern and marking scheme.
  • To have sufficient problem solving practice and syllabus revision.
  • To get a fair idea about how much time you need to complete the test and plan your exam strategy accordingly.
  • To identify typically weak topics and improve on them.
  • To overcome exam fear and develop confidence to face real exam.

To really get benefitted by Mock Tests, giving them with all sincerity is immensely important. Let’s see some of the tips which will help you reap maximum benefits from your practice tests:

  • Give the Tests assuming it is a real exam:
    Sincerely prepare for your mock test and give all the importance to seating arrangement, time management and other minute things. Your study place should not have any disturbances and should replicate actual exam ambience. Taking into consideration the current COVID situation, it will be a good idea to give few mock tests wearing mask/ face shield. Also, be honest to yourself while giving these tests and don’t take help of any book or reference material. We may not pay much attention to these things but they can definitely affect our comfort level and in a way performance too.
  • Analyse your performance:
    Once you have finished your test, check which questions took maximum time, in which section you got stuck, which answers you could have got correct but didn’t and why. Analyse your performance topic wise – in which topics you could score good and in which topics you lose the marks. Make table of your correct, wrong and un-attempted questions and keep tab on it. Make sure to get your doubts solved immediately.
  • Solve Wrong and Un-attempted questions again:
    Once you have analysed your test, attempt the questions you didn’t give try and those you got incorrect. Solve all those questions you would have tried if you had more time. Lastly, look at the solutions and find out what is going wrong. This will help you learn new problem solving methods and help identify your weak areas and strong areas.
  • Focus on weak areas:
    Once you have identified weak topics, solve variety of questions on that particular topic. Give topic wise tests for more practice.
  • Draw a strategy which suits you:
    Mock tests being replica of actual exam, offer a good platform to try different strategies to attempt the exam. This way you can find out what works the best for you. You can strategize – what kind of questions to attempt first, how much time for each question, which questions to attempt later, if time permits and so on. You may have to give several mock tests to derive a strategy which suits you the best.
  • Give sufficient number of tests:
    Many aspirants either end up taking too many tests and mentally exhausting themselves or end up appearing for too less, thus, remain under prepared. some guidelines to help you plan your Mock Test Schedule:
    • In the very beginning take only one test a week to start off with; you can start with topic-wise tests, then proceed to subject wise tests. This way your subject will get prepared thoroughly.
    • 5 months before the examination start taking 2 tests per week and gradually increase the number to 3 tests per week.
    • One month before the MHT-CET exam take one test every alternate day. Looking at the time one will invest in giving Mock Tests, selecting correct Test Series becomes very important. Picking the wrong one may prove very costly in terms of time wasted as well as quality of preparation.

Vidyalankar’s Online Test Series for MHT-CET is highly recommended to all the CET aspirants. It comprises of 10 Online Full length tests that replicate the real exam pattern, along with detailed solutions and performance analysis. This Test Series will enable you to –

  • Identify your weak areas and work on them
  • Increase your comprehension and analytical abilities
  • Overcome the common errors
  • Build your confidence level and speed
  • Develop the right examination temperament
  • Map your performance with the performance of our previous years’ toppers
  • Develop a strong confidence to face the actual Exam of MHT-CET.

You may check it out at MHT-CET 2024 (PCM) Online Test Series ( Finally, to summarize, Mock tests are like reflection of your current level of preparation. One should not get disheartened by low scores in these tests. The mock tests are for you to get better and not to demotivate you.

The results could be overwhelming, but you should not let good scores or bad scores get to your head. Keep track of your progress and try to improve with every mock test. This is the step wherein you can maximise your strength and minimise your weaknesses, so make the most of it.

Good Luck…

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